Our Vision

To establish The Sisters of Our Lady of China as a preferred provider of aged care services that delivers a high standard of service to the community.

Our Philosophy

The overriding philosophy of The Sisters of Our Lady of China, reflects Christian principles. Promoting the dignity of and respect for human life, at all stages, extending the hand of a Samaritan and caring with love, hope and faith, are integral elements of our work.

Our Values

People, professionalism and passion

Our Purpose

To provide high quality care and services that are flexible and responsive to our residents’ needs and expectations.

Our Goals

To ensure our residents are the main focus in all that we do. We negotiate and advocate care and individual style of living choices with residents and their families, to deliver best care and services.

To ensure quality processes underpin every part of our service so that it permeates every aspect of our organisation

We aim to be a great employer where staff Live the Vision, Values and Culture of The Sisters of Our Lady of China.

Employees are to feel valued and supported, enabled to grow and develop professionally and personally.
Staff are engaged and accountable for what they do.

To execute well planned strategies that maximise our capacity to respond to changing demands and remain a competitive and viable provider of aged care services.

That through responsive and strong leadership, we Live the Vision, Values and Culture of the organisation, being passionate about what we do.
Ensure effective corporate and clinical governance.
Apply judgement and make sound decisions.
Effectively collaborate and are good role models.
Enable others to achieve role outcomes.

Our Culture
We continuously improve all that we do and strive to achieve our goals.
We are a learning organisation.
We are committed to a safe, enjoyable and quality workplace.
We build teams with integrity that can positively impact our day-to-day challenges and foster innovation.